Gotta Love Bacon

You gotta love bacon and all you can do with it. The smell of bacon cooking is enough to make you hungry by itself and the taste is even better. Exploring recipes for using bacon is a wonderful exercise in creativity so let’s begin and just see some of the possibilities. The rest will be up to you.

Appetizers with bacon are always popular. One of my favorites is using those large green olives without pits, wrapping a 1/2 slice or bacon around it, fastening it with a toothpick, and broiling it. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Similarly, bacon wrapped around water chestnuts, jalapenos or liver are also delicious and popular. You just gotta love bacon!

Do you like good soups? Potato soup with cut up onions and bacon in it is a comfort food and the bacon flavor makes the potato soup smell and taste delicious. There are also bean and bacon soup, avocado and bacon soup, as well as lentil and bacon soup to just give a few examples. For sandwiches, try bacon and apple sandwich, bacon cheese and green olive sandwich, bacon and avocado sandwich, or bacon and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All are delicious. Don’t you love what bacon can add to a soup or sandwich?

Another of my favorites is a great southern corn bread dressing. Chop up and sautee bacon, onion, and celery until the bacon is brown and the vegetables are tender. Then you add 1/2 bread crumbs and 1/2 crumbled corn bread. Add caraway seeds and celery salt and you are set to go. Put some of this stuffing in your turkey, but the rest is best baked in a caserole dish with bacon strips on the bottom and the top which makes it crispy and extra flavorable. This is a family favorite. You just gotta love bacon!

Bacon pizza is starting to be popular. It can be made up of various kinds of bacon like a bacon bacon pizza or maybe a bacon and cheeseburger pizza. There are gourmet bacon, spinach, and carmelized onion pizzas as well. In fact, bacon adds a lot to almost any pizza so try it.

For special bacon treats, try melting chocolate and pouring it over cooked bacon strips. Other treats are bacon cookies and bacon cake. Have you thought about bacon candy from bacon strips dredged in brown sugar and baked or bacon ice cream which would be kind of a custard ice cream base with bacon and maybe apples? You might try chocolate covered bacon in maple nut ice cream for a special treat. You just gotta love bacon!

Everything tastes better with bacon so just experiment yourself and see what you can come up with. Whether you start the day with bacon and eggs, enjoy a soup or sandwich with bacon for lunch, have a supper of bacon wrapped chicken for supper, or end the day with a bacon dessert, you can not get enough bacon!